About us

LL20 Hostel

Cozy hostel

LL20 is a cozy hostel in Saska Kępa housed in a renewed pre-WW2 modernist villa with a garden and a terrace. In the past there used to be a police station. Today it is a nice hostel with a particular vibe.

Saska Kępa

Saska Kępa is one of the most charming districts of Warsaw. On the right side of Vistula, among the trees you can find a lot of beautiful corners and buildings. Our hostel is definitely one of them!

History of the building

This villa has a curious history of its own. It was built in 1937 by Stanislaw Hempel, polish diplomat and senator. During WW2 it housed German soldiers and after 1944 headquarters of the Red Army. Because of that the building survived the time of turmoil, although it bears scars of the past to this day.

After WW2 due to Bierut decree it became property of the government and was transformed into a police station which functioned there untill 1999. Steel bars with the police logo and graffiti remind us of the buildings past function.

Now the villa has been transformed into a nice, cozy accomodations with a unique vibe and respect for the past of the building (elevation from 1937 is currently under supervision of conservator).

Common space
on ground floor

  • reception
  • lounge with TV, comfortable
    sofa and Sako pouf
  • children's corner with a small chair, table and toys
  • kitchenette equipped with a dishwasher, fridge,
    microwave, toaster, coffee express and a kettle

Level „0”
ground floor

  • standard room for two
  • room for two with terrace
  • room for one with terrace
  • room for three with terrace
  • two bathrooms with showers, toilets and sinks
  • one toilet

Level „U”
lower ground floor

  • room for two with bathroom
  • two rooms for two
  • two rooms for one
  • three bathrooms with showers, toilets and sinks
  • one toilet

Level „1”
first floor

  • two rooms for one
  • room for two
  • two bathrooms with showers, toilets and sinks
  • one toilet


  • room with six beds
  • with kitchenette
  • and bathroom
  • available for exclusiveness

for our guests

  • tourist information ( maps, guides )
  • breakfast service
  • washer and dryer available to guests
  • iron, ironing board , hair dryer
  • computer and printer at disposal for guests

Group booking

Welcome to use our services prepared especially for organized groups.

In order to refine the details, please contact the reception ((+48) 226172309) and then send us an email (biuro@l20.eu) with detailed information on the date of stay, number of participants and the preferred rooms.

Based on these data, we will create for you the most convenient offer.

Customers opinion

"Staff friendly, good location, excellent and plenty of toilet/shower facilities, enjoyed extra sleep past 10am curfue"

Brian (booking.com)

Very friendly staff, 24h reception and no problem in communicating in English. The breakfast they offer is an amazing deal too! Also the location is not a problem since the number 9 and 24 trams are running quite close to LL20. There is also a market between the hostel and the tram/bus station."

Jacek (booking.com)

"We liked the house and it has a interesting history. Everything was really clean."

Samuli (booking.com)